Thursday, December 23, 2010

Energy conservation and emission reduction still need strong policies

"Strong and targeted policy measures is to stimulate change in the basis. This action is imperative, not delay, if the delay on a decade or two that will cause difficult to reverse the crisis."
Excessive carbon dioxide emissions on global warming caused the fatal dangers of Governments to noisy news we seem to have heard out of the calluses.
Because this is not imminent disaster, the daily life of people has not been too much alarmed, and the so-called low-carbon life, the attitude is more of a show. This is sad but helpless thing.
In the 1970s, many parts of the world, extreme weather, especially drought in the Sahel region of Africa in 1973, causing millions of people lost their lives. Sixth United Nations General Assembly in 1974 requested the World Meteorological Organization, which thus on climate change research. This is the first public discussion of human climate warming.
Over the past 35 years, after various negotiations, the establishment of various organizations, develop plans, to the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, it should be said that the countries responsible for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have caused global warming and should take measures to avoid worsening the situation reached a consensus.

Ford vice President Jim Farley: how to win reputation

Although Fox did in March this year, 50 million units off the assembly line ceremony, but Ford's market share in China is still a far cry from its global position. And general compared to the Ford product line in China is not only thin, but the coverage is very narrow.
For this problem, responsible for Ford Motor's group vice president of marketing Jim ? Farley (Jim Farley) do not feel is inferior. North American auto market has experienced ups and downs, the Ford Motor for the group's "One Ford" philosophy, with more in-depth understanding and implementation. They feel that this oneness brings competitive advantage to the product instead, which is the size and variety can not be brought.
April 23, 2010, the Pharisees accepted the "Automotive Business Review" interview, after which he live for dealers at the show did a product launch. Before the introduction of new products, which is part of his concern. He hoped that the whole process, consumers are sensitive to Ford's image. He said: "The customer is not just simply buy your product, he wants you to do this the company behind the product have a better relationship, he is not shaking hands and products, but shook hands and the company."

Obama automobile industry emergency relief program

Books car czar Rui Tena said GM and Chrysler to save the White House of the operation. He pointed out that there is no bankruptcy in the automotive industry as a tool for restructuring, it is impossible to allow all stakeholders to make joint sacrifices
The end of September 2010, Stephen Fenrui Turner (Steven Rattner) new book, "complete overhaul: Obama emergency plan auto industry insider observed" (Overhaul: An Insider's Account of the Obama Administration's Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry) formally placed in bookstores.
That in 2009 the Big Three U.S. automakers about the rescue plan is complete, Rui Tena is now officially released the first official insider information, this time from his departure has been the past year. Rui Tena provides a very detailed and vivid on the U.S. auto aid, particularly in the national buy-back details.
Rui Tena is a former banker, as the Quartet (Quadrangle Group) founder of the U.S. government rescue plan to develop the process of car and master the most concentrated power, he is one of the important role play drama. Since February 2009, the Rui Tena began to lead the U.S. auto industry task force, who in this group known as the "car czar (Car Czar)".

2011 automobile electronic business opportunities and hotspot

Freescale's global automotive electronics product marketing manager MarcOsajda also said that energy conservation, safety and entertainment will be a hot automotive applications by 2011, the local automotive manufacturers meet the challenges is the lack of innovative products car specifications, which, Freescale specially developed Qorriva32 bit automotive MCU, automotive electronics manufacturers to help address local safety challenges of energy conservation and entertainment.
Atmel automotive electronics business, Asia Pacific marketing director, said Wu Yanxiang framework to improve vehicle ride comfort and fuel efficiency technology upgrade in 2011 will take the heat, "for example, with a start / stop button PKE (keyless entry), in the control units with touch screen design, electric power steering system will control more popular. "He cites the road.
In 2010, local brand car manufacturers have begun the gradual accumulation of technology to deliver high-end models, a landmark event which is Volvo, with the local models to high-end, will also increase demand for electronic.

Russia economic situation

Gradual recovery in the global economy, driven in 2010, the Russian economy has shown signs of stabilization for the better, reversed the 2009 GDP fell 7.9% year on year decline, the annual economic growth target of 4% of the expected realized. However, in the course of the current global economic recovery, there are still many uncertainties, it continues to consolidate economic recovery and development to accelerate the pace of economic restructuring, the Russian economy in 2011 will face an important challenge. Russia is optimistic about next year's economic development? Russia will be implemented in the future, what kind of economic strategy and how to adjust the economic structure? Interview with this reporter on issues related to the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Economic Counsellor Pei Jiansheng.
Pei Jiansheng: In general, fluctuations in Russia's economic growth was restored. After January's slowdown and decline, 2 June gradually accelerate economic growth, stagnation September 6, September and showing positive growth. The first three quarters of the main economic indicators, Russia's economy back on a growth trend in the overall show. First three quarters of GDP growth of 3.4% year on year, industrial production rose 8.9%, in particular, strong growth in processing industries, an increase of 12.6%.
Meanwhile, Russia's foreign exchange reserves, the Reserve Fund and National Wealth Fund is more abundant. First three quarters of Russia's foreign exchange reserves increased $ 50,649,000,000. As of October 1, 2010, the Russian foreign exchange reserves totaled 490.099 billion U.S. dollars. Russia's reserve fund over the same period amounted to 1.25826 trillion rubles, or about 41.39 billion U.S. dollars, total national wealth fund 2,772,150,000,000 rubles, or about 89.54 billion U.S. dollars.
Furthermore, Russia's government budget revenues, budget deficits down. According to the Russian Ministry of Finance estimates, three quarters of Russia's budget revenues 6.007 trillion rubles, representing 18.4% of GDP, higher than the same period in 2009, 0.3 percentage points, to 6.7346 trillion rubles in budget expenditure, accounting for 20.6% of GDP, lower than 2009 2.3 percentage points over the same period. Budget deficit for the first three quarters of Rs 727.6 billion, accounting for 2.2% of GDP (compared with 1.3272 trillion rubles, representing 4.7% of GDP).

The car of the future is not afraid bump

According to the British "Economist" magazine recently reported that held recently in Spain, Valencia F1 Grand Prix had an astonishing scene: Mark Webber's car to the speed of 306 kilometers per hour when a serious rollover accident . Fortunately, Weber himself unscathed.
Weber's "last straw" is very popular in the current F1 racing carbon fiber base. Although iron and aluminum materials, the carbon fiber, "worth" more, but its resistance to stress, and portability is far superior to iron and aluminum. Currently, in many sophisticated areas can see the "nowhere", such as aircraft wings, super cars and expensive mountain biking.
Although carbon fiber has been "flying into the common car home" in many parts on the car, but if BMW's R & D success, then the body made from carbon fiber or electric vehicles will become mainstream.
Early July of this year, BMW announced its long-awaited electric car development program, plans to launch by 2013 plug-in electric vehicles Megacity. The new model does not come from the modification of existing models, but BMW's engineers hardships of a new attempt. The performance of the "no iron" four city car will be more portable, its consists of two parts: the transmission system and battery containing aluminum chassis and mounted on the chassis of carbon fiber cars "skeleton."
Carbon fiber 30% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than iron. Moreover, since carbon fiber has a strong tear resistance, when it is woven into the lattice-like structure, and then into the resin, its strength should be more than iron. However, this procedure requires a lot of labor and the efficiency is very low, therefore, the possibility of large-scale production of carbon fiber is not high. However, BMW is trying to change that.

The development of new energy vehicles industry promots the lithium ion battery market

In the low-carbon economy, energy saving environment, new energy vehicles represent the future direction of development of the automotive industry, auto industry to catch up the world automobile industry is a new starting point. Lithium-ion battery is one of the main driving force of new energy vehicles, new energy automotive industry will be directly contributing to the rapid growth of lithium-ion battery market, coupled with the traditional consumer electronics, power tools and electric bicycles and new energy to the lithium-ion battery energy storage system demand continues to expand, lithium ion battery and its materials, a huge market space.
According to CCID Consulting forecasts that in 2010 the global lithium-ion battery market will reach 87.0 billion, lithium-ion battery market in China will reach 250 billion yuan.
CCID Consulting believes that the development of lithium-ion battery industry is the key to the upper reaches of the battery materials, in particular, cathode material, separator and electrolyte materials, the performance of the core battery is to determine whether the large-scale application of lithium-ion batteries a key factor.
In addition, the development of low-carbon economy and the context of energy saving, the recycling of lithium-ion batteries will show a great part of the investment value of its investment opportunities can not be ignored.
Lithium ion batteries contain more metal elements, of which cobalt is a rare precious metal, in a variety of mineral content in very low, resources are scarce, the recovery will have great economic value.